5 Budget Creation

Budget Creation


Eligible expenses should reflect resources required to develop, implement, and evaluate the project over a detailed period of time, such as Year 1: Spring/Summer 2023; Fall 2023; Winter 2024; Spring/Summer 2024. Year 2: Fall-2024; Winter 2025.


Eligible expenses can include (not an exhaustive list):

  • educational technology,
  • hiring of research assistants (contracts),
  • project management assistants (contracts),
  • course releases for faculty members (in consultation with program Chair/Dean)
  • honoraria
  • event planning costs (room rentals, etc.)
  • third party contractors


Please note that permanent administrative or faculty position salaries will be considered; however, ongoing salary costs for those positions will be the responsibility of the program or unit after the successful completion of the project. Successful completion will be demonstrated in the evaluation of the impact of the project.


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